Tuesday, March 18, 2008


changing how we watch TV

I just read a review of "Misguided" (it was my second this morning, I must be gearing up to watch).

At the end of the review on Boston.com, the writer says:

"It's not a show I'd put on my DVR, but if I happened upon it, I might sit back and smirk."

Isn't that funny? The new golden standard is NOT sitting down at the appointed time and watching a show, but deeming it worthy to sit down LATER and watch it. It puts a depreciated value on the present and a higher value on the future. As in, "I am specifically planning to take time out of my busy weekend to watch This show."

OR, conversely, it puts a higher value on the present by saying that you're too important/busy/exciting to sit down and watch TV at the time determined by the network execs, and says that you'll catch the possible rubbish at a later date, when you're recovering from and building up energy for your adventures. You won't carve time out of your busy schedule to watch it, but you're leaving the option open for a later date.

Has TV become more important or less important with the invention of DVR?

I am DVRless but I don't hesitate to miss my shows because I can watch them online the next day. L & O is the one exception.
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