Thursday, March 06, 2008


ESP! Holy cow.

I really believe in some undercurrent of knowledge that runs through all of us. Or in people having a connection. Or, ESP. I don't know exactly what to call it. But something certainly goes on that's deeper than "coincidence."

For example, the evening I came home for Christmas vacation, my younger brother and I were sitting on the front porch shooting the breeze. We got on to the topic of how I have really lame and easy passwords (something that infuriates Bub), and then I bragged that I changed my facebook password to a hard one, and I said "you'll never guessss ittt" in an obnoxious sing-songy voice.

Bub smugly shot back, "I can guess it. Bananas."

My mouth dropped open. I stared at him. MY PASSWORD WAS BANANA.

Bub didn't believe me, even though I looked freaked out—so I grabbed my mom's laptop, and he logged me into facebook, and "banana" provided the open sesame. I don't know how he guessed it. I never have fruit passwords, and I only chose "banana" because one was on my desk when I changed my password at work back in November. Something was going on.

Something else happened tonight.

I had a delightful dinner with Mel, and was walking back to my apartment from the Metro. I decided to give Tans, who lives in Massachusetts, a call. We emailed a couple of weeks ago, and something in Florida reminded me of her, so I thought it would be nice to check in. It seems like I only call her when I'm a) inebriated or b) distraught over a boy, so I figured a little sober happy call would be nice for once.

I gave her a ring, and she didn't pick up, so I left a message. Then I called my Nana, walked back to my apartment, blah blah blah.

Checking my email before I went to watch LOST with E and Bill, I saw that Tans had commented on two of my facebook pictures, one of which I had tagged her in. I looked at the time stamps: 7:53 and 8:02. That struck me, since I figured that I called her around that time.

I checked my phone. I had called her at 8:02.


We haven't talked on the phone for more than a month. We haven't emailed for two weeks. And then we contact each other at the same time?

I love's so interesting.

What can I say? I've got skills.

And please, please tell me you've changed your password since then, haha.
hahaha I did right before I posted this entry. You'lll neevveerr guesss it!
I beg to differ.
I would find it very weird if he could guess it again...
give it a shot!
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