Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!

A few things...

1) There is something Very Wrong going on next door. The dog has been barking non-stop inside the house from at least 10 p.m last night until now (5 p.m.). Either the owners went on a mini-vacation or they have been murdered and their poor dog has been trying to get someone's attention, but we're ignoring him because this isn't the movies and we don't really believe in Lassie anymore. It's kinda stressing me out, because a barking dog is an unhappy dog...he's probably really anxious. I hope the people come home soon! Should I try to communicate with the doggy through the window?

(Just kidding. Already tried that this morning, of course. Relax, it was from the sidewalk. I didn't actually get in the shrubbery.)

2) I love love love Men in Trees. It's such a great show. The characters are all likable, the scenery is beautiful, the girls wear such cool clothes! It makes me want to buy a cabin in Alaska on a cute little pond and sit on the dock writing on my laptop whilst drinking coffee. Any takers?

3) Last week when my parents visited they gave me a little gift bag as an Easter present. I decided to wait until today to open it (okay, on Thursday I dug into the chocolate that was peeking out of the bag), as my "Easter Bunny present." Might as well keep the fantasy alive as long as possible, right? When I told her that I was saving it until today, my mom said that she felt bad that she didn't put more stuff in it. But it was totally great! My favorite thing is this beautiful, bold necklace...I actually involuntarily said "Ooooooh!" when I opened it—it's a giant silver star. I showed it to P, and she said something along the lines of "That is so perfect for you that I feel like you already own one!"

Without further ado, here it is!

Haha - like the exotic shadow pattern on my fleece + neck? It's from our window bars. The greatness of the present is actually two-fold...according to the box, she bought it for me when she was in Vermont on the family-minus-me ski trip. And the beautiful bracelet that she bought me is from the all-the-females-in-the-family-minus-me jewelry party. Obviously she's thinking of me (she's my mom!), but it's the icing on the cake to know for sure. You know? It was a fantastic Easter present.

4) Last thing. I think the upstairs neighbors finally discovered the invention called "the radio," because they've been listening to music all day, and neither P or I have ever heard any sort of tunes emanating from their apartment. Thus far, I'm loving their tastes. There was some Queen, Rolling Stones, Bach (or something). Maybe they only indulge in the radio once a year as an Easter treat?

I really wish the exotic frame was expanded just a little bit lower :)
Cam, will you for ONE MINUTE forget that you own zipper stock? I am not going to do free PR so that your shares can go up one measly cent.
I don't think that's why Cam wanted the zipper lowered Meg 8-)

I was just thinking I hate you for how cute your hair curls at the end, lol. The necklace is adorable.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
Thanks, TC! That's really cute that you'd say reminds me of my cousins who love me to the point of delusion and say adorable things like "you look like hilary duff!"

hope you're recovering from your hellish return!
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