Sunday, March 09, 2008


Learning experience # 345

Living on my own gives me ample opportunities to have learning experiences where and when I least expect it....

Today I've done a bunch of loads of laundry, and I'm on my last batch. I put all of my sheets and pillowcases in the washer, and have been eagerly awaiting dryer time. Nice warm sheets = a nice night's sleep.

At least, I imagine it would be so. However, my washer has taken this moment to break, and stop just short of the drain cycle. I keep spinning the little knob, and pushing it in and out, trying to make it start. It restarts, then keeps stopping before the drain cycle.

(hah. I just heard it stop again.)

Guess I'm sleeping on my down mattress cover tonight!

Learning Experience #345:
don't wash all your sheets at once. especially not right before bedtime.

You better not do that when Cam comes to visit ;)
hardy har har...he's staying in a hotel! Cam is a gentleman :-)

but, speaking of, the freaking washer still isn't fixed. Third night without sheets, coming up!
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