Saturday, March 08, 2008


Looking Back

Even though it was pouring on Friday, I decided to make the 6-block walk to Potbelly for lunch. It proved to be an interesting one...

Being vain, I wore my heels to get my food. I wear sneakers on the commute, and I always feel so dowdy. And, to be honest, while it's nice to feel professional at work, the effect is completely wasted on the pretty-much-all-taken males at work. I should wear the heels to and from work, and sneakers at work, but I digress.

So, the light was changing, I decided to make a run for it across the intersection. Almost safely to the other side, the back of my foot exits my shoe. I hobble, and realize that that's not happening. As the cars 40 feet away rev their engines, and the light turns to green, I stop and adjust, then make a break for the sidewalk. I felt very J-Lo in The Wedding Planner, you know what I mean?

The next street, I had the light, but I almost got hit by a bicyclist when crossing. Ordinarily I'd be scared and not amused, but the guy was just sorta lollygagging (dillydallying?), whistling and looking in the other direction (I was staring intently ahead and trying to keep my shoes on) and I'm positive that at least a few people in the cars facing us were jonesing for a collision. We would have fallen on our asses, but no serious injuries. Almost like a comedy act or performance art.

At any rate. After those two unexpected events, I was in a good humor and wondering what excitement would be coming up at the next intersection. The sidewalk was pretty empty, except for this short little man coming toward me, also holding an umbrella.

As he was about to pass me, he gave me a huge smile, and said "Hello!"

To be honest, I was not expecting it. With my heels on, I probably had a good foot on him. So I giggled in surprise and threw out a "hi!" as we passed.

Smiling, I went about 10 more feet, then impulsively peered over my right shoulder, and looked back at him.

He was doing the same!! His cute little smiling face was over one shoulder, and he was holding his umbrella over his other shoulder.

I wish someone had taken a picture...we looked like some cheesy poster.

um, why were you smiling at cute short guys when you were supposed to be getting ready to marry Cam?

OH! Did Cam come to DC to fly to Vegas with you and HE was the cute short guy?!?!


hahaha no!

I didn't leave work until after lunch - I saw the umbrella as a good omen that my elopement was a good plan.
You know, you're sure blogging/commenting a lot for someone on her honeymoon... ;)
ummm....our honeymoon suite comes with free wireless?
And you weren't too worn out from the sex to blog?!?! Crazy!
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