Tuesday, March 11, 2008


maybe we'll blog together at the Smithsonian.

After being blog + gmail + gchat + facebook + texting friends, Cam and I have decided to take it to the next level...REAL LIFE.

Cam is freaking amazing and booked a trip to D.C.! And for all of you who are giggling into your coffee cups and exchanging knowing glances, I'll have you know that he booked a hotel. And he'll be staying there. So stop it.

I haven't told anyone except for my younger brother...I called him and he laughed, and his first statement was "Well, you still have mace, right?" But he's had online friends for years and understands. I'm sort of scared for my safety (no offense, Cam!), since I've read so many articles/seen so many news stories, etc. And if, you know, it does turn out badly (*knock on wood*), the whole world will read this blog and be like, "Well she had that coming!" Which will suck. But Bub reassured me that he wouldn't think that, so that's a comfort.

And Cam, I know you. This is all just my paranoid vivid imagination and covering my bases. And I understand if you're nervous about your safety, too (or maybe you weren't until I just said that). Haven't you ever seen a Lifetime movie? I'm referring to The Many Faces of Karen, something that C-note and I watched senior year of college.

I am looking forward to his visit so much. I'll probably faint right before I meet him.

If anyone has some great things-to-do-in-D.C. suggestions, please fling them at me. Feel free to deviate from the dorky...all of you know how much I enjoy staring at Lincoln's bloody hat in Ford's Theater, so I got that angle pretty much covered.


geez... i can't believe I just booked a flight and hotel for D.C. I'm a little freaked by my cavaleerness (sp?)...

Don't worry MEg, I'm not a cereal killer and you're not Raisin Nut Bran... regardless of how yummy you might be :)

And please don't mace me... last time that happened, my weekend really sucked.
Funny you should say that awful pun...b/c I'm eating cereal right now! Fate! ;-)
You two are so freaking cute! :-D

And Meg, no one would have ever said that about you having it coming!!! Sheesh!

(It's cavalierness, Cam.)
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