Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Client #10?

As you all know, Cam is coming tomorrow (!!). Being Little Miss D.C. Tour Guide, I told him that I'd meet him at Union Station and show him where his hotel is.

Now, since my sense of direction is a bit, shall we say, loosey-goosey in general, I decided to take some time out today to make sure that I actually do know where his hotel is.

So, after a nice walk along the Mall with C-note, I headed toward Cam's hotel. Or, rather, where I thought his hotel was. I went down the street, and saw...The Hyatt, The Washington Grand Park Place Plaza Court Hotel (or something like that), and I even saw this new one called...The Liaison. Catching the name, noticing its location literally in the shadow of the Capitol (at the right time of day, at least), I cracked up. Why didn't they just call it "The Torrid Affair"? Why bother with the pretense?

I got such a kick out of it that I contemplated taking a picture of the beautifully lit name and sending it to Cam, but then figured that I could just show it to him sometime along the weekend. It would give me to something chatter about in case there was a lull.

Walking down the street, growing kinda cold and wondering just where exactly the darn Holiday Inn was and how I could have screwed this up, I passed a cabbie waiting outside his vehicle. I turned back, and asked him if he knew where the Holiday Inn is.

He pointed down the street, and said "Oh, they just changed the name on that yesterday! It's now called The Liaison."

I shit you not.

But it's okay, b/c they got my reservation...

I'm looking forward to the Liason!

That's the best story I've heard in a long time :)

So Meg, gonna have a torrid affair?
cam: yeah, losing all the other reservations would NOT have been a smooth transition!

TC: Isn't that ridiculous? The cab driver knew that it was a massive shock to my system, because I said something along the lines of "No. no. You must be joking. No. That is ridiculous. Are you kidding me!? Really?!" And then he started laughing at my discomfort.
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