Monday, April 14, 2008


Conversation Piece

Yesterday I was in a spending mood, and I decided to lose control while the impulse was there...and I knew exactly where to go. I hit up Nine West, this new sporty cool-person clothes store...and then, I remembered. For the past couple of weeks I've been walking by the Knot Shop, peering in at the scarves while I turned the corner, picturing myself twirling about town, my head fashionably bedecked in swirling gauzy fabric.

I decided that it was time to indulge my inner flight stewardess, and I fingered the scarves, deciding which patterns I should go with. One for $15, or two for $25. Two it is! Why waste a perfectly good deal, right?

I found a nice, calm, muted khaki-colored scarf with simple black , delicate lines. Pretty atypical, actually. But I read last week that if one wants to "instantly look put together" they should go for muted colors. Might as well put a few of those in my repertoire.

To balance that out, I picked a navy and white zebra-print scarf, with stripes along the edge of the pattern. Woo! "What Not to Wear" would probably tell me to focus and find my look. I'm a style schizophrenic.

I got to the register and the cashier didn't really pay much attention to me. He kept peering over my shoulder and checking on the other customers. Once he rang me up, though, and I signed the slip, he looked at me with a smirk, and said, "That's an...interesting watch."

I laughed, because he said my favorite word. I responded, "Interesting! What a nice thing to say!"

I love it when people use "interesting" in that ambiguous way. It can be mean "lovely" or "ugly"—when someone is trying to be polite, they say "interesting."

And he laughed me out of the store.

This watch...people always comment on it. Pat's dad made fun of it (as did Pat), a cashier at another store loved it, my sister-in-law admired it so I got her one.

I love my tacky, beautiful, cheap watch. The day that the "snakeskin" snap breaks will be a sad day indeed.

OH AND BTW. I watched the last two innings of the Red Sox game...and they won! I was talking to Pat online while the game was going on—he was educating me on the finer points of pinch hitting. In the final inning, the Red Sox were up by 2, there were 2 outs, and the Indians were at bat.

All was right in Mudville...then...

me: woo!
maybe I'm good luck
Pat: I was going to say that but then I decided to wait until the game was over so I didn't jinx it
If you screwed this up....I swear


me: hahaha
that was almost bad
Pat: Jesus Christ Meg that scared the shit out of me
Good lord
me: hahaha WHEW
Sent at 10:50 PM on Monday
Pat: I would have needed to pop you one in the eye

Note A - You should probably mention that the Sox forced this situation with their 3 run 9th, because they entered the 9th losing 4-3

Note B - We were talking about pinch running

Note C - The game was played in Cleveland, which has no Green Monster, just a green outfield wall
Snakeskin (and anything else snake related) makes my skin crawl. *shudder*

I'm a style schizophrenic.

I laughed at that. I understand your pain.

I'm so glad you're (kinda) learning baseball!!! :-D
Pat: hahaha. I assumed they were in Boston because of all the Boston fans in the stands!!

TC: thanks. it's an uphill battle.
UPDATE: I got another comment (compliment, this time!) today.
Does your sister and law actually wear it? haha jk ;)
Yes, learn at baseball. Baseball is good.
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