Monday, April 21, 2008


Up, Up, and Away

I'm so excited...tomorrow I'm interviewing a hot air balloon pilot. Ever since I stumbled upon the web site of a wine + hot air balloon festival last October, I've been daydreaming about getting my feet into a (sturdy) basket and gaining altitude. My hot air balloons fantasies are two-fold: I want to go to a festival and take tons of pictures...seeing them inflate at sunrise, capturing them floating majestically at sunset...and then I want to go on a ride in a balloon (but not at a festival! I'm superstitious), ideally while wearing a cute Irish knit sweater and wrapped in the arms of a hottie.

But...since that ain't comin' any time soon, at least not until September or October rolls around, I decided that the next best thing to going on a hot air balloon ride is to interview a hot air balloon pilot/meteorologist for work. I can't wait to hear all about his stories. And I didn't even realize it until now, but I'm wearing my hot air balloon pajama pants. Talk about dedication. Hopefully this will go well tomorrow!

At any rate—I thought to mention this because I spied this article on msn: Priest Carried Aloft by Balloons Still Missing. Holy moly. The subhead is "Fund-raising stunt goes awry, but supporters still hopeful."

Last they knew, he was thirty miles from the Brazilian coast and dropping. But he's wearing a flight suit, has a parachute and a buoyant chair, and he's "experienced." So, here's hoping they find him. I kind of admire what he's doing...I mean, it seems really idiotic (like, really? take off in a chair made buoyant by balloons?!), but he was doing it to raise money for a spiritual rest stop for truckers. He really is dedicating his life to God's work by risking life and limb for a cause that will hopefully be an inspiration to thousands of lonely, tired truckers on the road. It must be really hard to always be on the go and away from your loved ones, you know?


Have fun with this! Hope it's as amazing as you're hoping!
P.S. If you find a way to take that flight wrapped in a hottie's arms, you'll have to let me know. I'm up for some good advice :)
it was great! Probably my favorite interviewee ever...the way he described a balloon flight was fantastic.
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