Sunday, April 06, 2008


veni - vidi - vici

About to go to bed...but I wanted to let all know that Cam's visit was phenomenal. He was probably the most low-maintenance person ever, and didn't even complain when we went to the Times—twice!

The beginning was a bit awkward, of course...I flew into Union Station like a bat out of hell, late, carrying a dripping umbrella and looking all out of sorts. On our way to his hotel to drop off his suitcase, I accidentally poked him in the head, twice, with my umbrella. I babbled a bit, even touching upon the scintillating topic of taxes. Overall, not a good look. But once we got to the Times for dinner, surrounded by friendly bar people and members of the Cattle Association of America (or something), all was well.

It was so strange at first, to be sitting across from Cam. I had seen tons of pictures of him, and it was so strange to be sitting across from him, seeing him make those faces and looking like those pictures...only know, 3-D. Real life. To remember things that he's said over the years, and then kind of reconcile that as having been said by the person sitting in front of me. To see them as one and the same.

Over the weekend we did a random (though rather thorough) tour of D.C., hitting up hot spots such as the old post office tower, the portrait gallery, the national building museum, the Jefferson + FDR + naval memorials, the Mall, etc. had been forecasting "heavy rain" all weekend, but except for the miserably freezing rain on Thursday night, it was beautifully sunny for the rest of the trip. Well, today it was kinda overcast. But it was beautiful on Friday and Saturday, and that's when it was important, I think.

It's hard to pick a favorite moment...I'm so glad he took a chance and decided to visit. And I'm bummed that it's over.

Holy gorgeous photo!!!!! WOW!

I'm so glad ya'll have a wonderful time :)
haha yeah...thank google images for that one. :-) Cam took some great ones, though!

It was perfect timing - the rain yesterday and today washed all the blossoms today. They're just sad little trees today...
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