Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm moving on...

Today is the big unpacking day (why is that everything nowadays is "the big *** day" for me?). So, tonight will be the first night in my old bed in the new room in the old house. Ch-ch-changes...

The other day bub and I emptied the truck and brought it to Penske, where a possibly random guy working on a Mac truck told me that he'd "take care of it." I wanted to clarify that "take care of it" meant "return it properly and file the paperwork" and not "steal the truck and strip it of all identifying marks," but I didn't want to start my new adventure off on the wrong foot. My faith was well-placed, however, because when bub called the next day to see if everything was all set, it was.

I really feel quite competent when I drive a moving truck. This one had 16 feet of space and I handled it quite well, I think. I get such a thrill being like "I'm a girl! Driving a big truck! Look at me!" Last year's RV trip really got me used to using side mirrors and not having a rear view. I remember when I was 16 and just learning to drive, I had NO IDEA how helpful the mirrors were. Once that sunk in, everything sorta clicked into place, you know?

It's been a busy few days...unloading the truck, doing some current job stuff and laying the tracks for having future job stuff. Hopefully.

Earlier in the week I was walking around on my last day in D.C. with C-note and Laurs. I spied a Potbelly, and we decided to run over to see if I could get my LAST AMAZING oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. The manager was outside on the front patio, wrapping the tables and chairs together with a wire cord. Things didn't look promising.

I asked him if they were closed....he said that they were. I took a gamble, and asked, "do you have any cookies left? I'll pay you for's my last day in D.C. and they don't have Potbelly where I'm going."

(I know this for sure because I emailed Potbelly HQ a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll post the response here in a sec.)

He didn't look too put out, and asked how many we wanted. C-note and Laurs passed, so he went into the store and came out with....FIVE COOKIES!!! And wouldn't accept payment!!! I was so touched by his generosity and thoughtfulness. What a guy.

He asked me where I was going, and I told him that I was moving to the Boston area, and he said that they have plans to open a restaurant up in Logan Airport. I might start booking extra flights just for those cookies...

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