Monday, May 19, 2008


Two - no, three things

1) Miranda Lambert won best album of the year for "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"! Yes!! That album is fantastic.

2) I don't know about all of you, but I'm pretty good —nay, exceptional—at noticing police officers/emergency vehicles with their sirens on and getting out of the way. That's one reason that D.C. messes with me...all of the police officers keep their lights at top going at some level and for a while I'd pull over, and they'd be all "Thanks!" because they were on their way to get food or scratch tickets or something. Well, apparently the "getting out of the way" thing is a problem in Massachusetts, because now many police vehicles are equipped with....Rumblers! A person in this article is quoted as saying, "I live on a thoroughfare and recently I'm often woken up by a noise that made me think the apartment is getting attacked by a sea monster." THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE. It's freaking noise pollution and there must be a better solution. Listen away. Please. I'm very pro-law enforcement, but please outlaw 5,000-decibel stereos or rolling up your windows all of the way or something first because forcing this Big Brotheresque ridiculousness upon us is infringing upon my right to not go insane.

3) It's my last week at work. I think the people here are ready for me to leave since I gave my notice a month ago and they keep asking when my last day is. It's May 23. This Friday.

It drives me nuts when people don't move for emergency vehicles. Seriously, wtf?!?!
I am also good at avoiding and detecting cops.. I mean uh pulling over for them. But seriously, usually I hear a siren well before the vehicle arrives, and act accordingly. However, many people do not. I think the rumbler is good, for three reasons. A, you can feel it. B, lower frequencies travel better through air, and around corners. That's why when someone is blasting their music, all you hear is the bass line. It's not louder than any of the other sound (usually) but it travels better. And thirdly, lower frequencies are less damaging to your ears than higher frequencies at the same volume. The low noise of a rumbler would be much less piercing than a screeching siren. Sorry, but I gotta disagree with you on this one.

Oh yeah, and I wish they had 5,000 decibel stereos! Then the idiots that blast them would be liquefied, literally. Haha.
tc: no kidding!

bub: I'm not saying they don't NEED them, I'm saying there must be a better way that doesn't annoy the law-abiders. Are there any in our fine town?!
IDK, I haven't had any police officers behind me since I've been home. But basically, even though that person said it sounded like a "sea monster," think of how irritating our current sirens are! They are extremely loud if you are not in your car, and they are high pitched. This is probably a much less unpleasant experience, albeit unfamiliar.
Meg! I can't believe you're gone. I miss you already and we never even saw each other.
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