Monday, June 23, 2008



Over the past few years my family has become obsessed with Mexican's all "oh, El Sarape this" and "El Sarape that." Though Mexican food makes go a runnin', it wasn't really my problem since I was living it up in D.C., keeping all of the Chinese food places in business.

We went out on Sunday to celebrate an occasion, and since 5 out of 6 J's love Mexican food, El Sarape was where we headed.

To make a long story short, I gamely got the steak fajitas, and they were absolutely tasty. And I had some of my older brother's mango chicken, and that was also tasty. For the first time ever I left a Mexican restaurant without feeling starved or dissatisfied.

Oh, and lately I've been guzzling carbonated water like it grows on trees. I used to hate that crap (I remember accidentally buying it at a rest stop in Italy senior year of high school and almost crying when I figured it out— too late — on the bus), but I learned to love it when I realized that it's just water made with "natural flavors" - no calories, sugar, fake sugar, or anything. I turned to it one day when the store was out of Sprite Zero.

So, I guess...some things do change, even when you think they're set in stone. What a delightful surprise!

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