Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The World is Just Awesome

This past Sunday there was a family party...one of my cousins graduated from high school. It was so nice to be there, drinking beer, playing Baggo, and stuffing my face with the best of them, instead of getting the postgame re-cap from my mom over the phone while I swallowed the bitter pill of the singletons, ramen.

I really miss D.C. and all of my friends, but I haven't yet regretted moving home. Well, the first Saturday was really tough when you guys were at the movies and happy houring it up and my parents were at a party that I wasn't invited to...but that was just a rough spot.

Tomorrow I start a new job! It's only part time...like, 15 hours a week. So, really, really part time. But it's an editing job for a small weekly paper, which is kind of neat (though it sounds awfully familiar, you know?). I was hired on a contract, temporary basis. As I understand it (though I might stand corrected tomorrow), I'll work for them as long as I want to, and as long as they want me to. I don't see this gig as being possible once I get a full time job, so I'll probably sail out around then, if they don't find someone permanent before that. At any rate: it's a fun job, in my field, working alongside people who will have things to teach me. Which is pretty great for the moment.

I'm not really feeling the burn yet for a full time job. Right now I'm fantasizing about an endless summer of sorts, flitting around the Cape, Maine, and various New England ports. We'll see what happens...as someone said last night, you never know what's in the future.

Speaking of the future: HOUSTON THIS THURSDAY!!!! I'm bringing my camera, so hopefully I'll get some uber Texas shots of hats and boots and whatnot. Do they have tumbleweeds in cities? I can't wait for the visit. Except that I'm ridiculously sensitive to the heat and I might pass out or otherwise embarrass myself. So maybe there will be a random cool spell? Surely odder things have happened.

OH—today Bub and I went out to breakfast. There were tons of delicious options, so I asked the waitress if she recommended the pecan praline french toast or the coffee cake pancakes. She made a big painful sigh, as if the answer was too difficult to possibly decide, and replied, "Well, let me see if I can get you one of each."

And she did! Sometimes people are so warm and generous that it redeems the dastardly deeds of everyone else. And have you seen the "The World is Awesome" commercial on Discovery? It makes me love the whole world...

Awww, I feel all giddy and happy just reading this :)
hurray! I love that commercial...it's an instant mood lifter.
Um, I need updates from Houston.

Please and thank you.
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