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So I've been feeling DCsick lately, and AirTran having a sale was enough to motivate me to investigate the best weekends for visiting. Unfortunately, my friends have the schedules of social butterflies, and the best weekends for visiting were...this weekend and sometime in late August.

Well, late August is way too far away (and who knows how long I'll be underemployed? *knock on wood*) so I checked out this weekend. The flights = prohibitively expensive. So, Amtrak it was. of my friends mentioned taking the bus. I investigated Greyhound, and it equaled 15 hours of misery and 150 bucks down the train. It was a better investment to spend $250 on Amtrak, I thought. But then, I thought about Chinatown. And the Bolt Bus. And the lightbulb clicked. I checked the schedules, and if I left Boston at 7:30 a.m., had a 1.5 hour layover in NYC, and got a connecting bus trip down to D.C., I'd have a 10-hour trip for the grand sum of $35, or, for roundtrip, $70. Right now, when my copious amounts of time are worth less than my savings, that's the sort of trip I'm willing to take.

That convinced me. Thus begins the great Bolt Bus experience on July 10!

Awww, I'm soooooooo excited for you!!!! That's awesome! :-D
thanks!! it should be really fun...I can already taste the potbelly cookies. and, um, I meant "down the drain." not train, haha
You're doing this all for some cookies?!? ROFL Why not just have your friends send you some?
Have fun!
I did her one better than sending her some... I hand delivered them about 2 weeks ago...

But those cookies really are worth the trip!!

ps -- soooooo excited!!!
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