Monday, August 11, 2008


I hereby promise to blog more.

All of my friends have been really supportive during my past two months of "underemployment"—one of my friends even coined the term "underemployment" to make me feel better about not having a full-time job. C-note has been talking up my blog to me, suggesting that I compile posts from my first year of blogging and morph them into a book. Other friends have encouraged me to do some sort of professional photography thing, which is seriously flattering. These little boosts have gone a long way toward helping me maintain a healthy outlook.

This summer is eerily similar to the summer of 2005 — mainly in the "oh my God am I EVER going to get a job?!" panic that seizes me almost every night and at random moments throughout the day. I check job listings and I want to SCREAM when I see the opportunities out there. It reminds me of the facebook group "I picked a major in college that I loved and therefore I will be living in a box." I mean, really. From where I'm sitting right here it's almost as though the past 2.5 years will have meant nothing, and I'm going to be stuck working in some stupid job that I hate that makes me miserable that won't further my career.

Well. I know that's how it looks from here, but it's a comfort to know that that's how I felt after college, and look how it turned out. I loved my job(s), I met AMAZING people over the past few years...I can't believe that I didn't know all of these wonderful people back then, and now they're such a key part of my life. Reflecting for a minute about how all those new people have shaped my life in the past three years, it's almost mind-boggling to try to picture how people who are as-of-yet-unknown will influence my life in the years to come.

(Bring it!)

Things have been pretty exciting around here: it's great to be back within spitting distance of my family. This past weekend I went to a cousin's birthday party on Friday and a wedding shower on Saturday, and I ran a race with my sister-in-law on Sunday. I got my nails done with my mom today: a minor thing, yes. But also significant. These are all events that I would have completely missed out on if I were in Washington.

In terms of new things, I can't believe I ran the Falmouth Road Race. Okay, ran, jogged, staggered, might be more accurate, but I'm pleased nonetheless. My dad's been running the race on and off since 1989, so it's always been a part of my life. It's not as though I enjoy running, and I never, ever would have thought that I'd ever run a race, nevermind this one...but, now, still, somehow...I find myself signing up for one race after another. The next one will be a run to Plymouth Rock. How historical! Maybe 400 years ago the Pilgrims ran to the rock when they were being chased by Indians...?

Also, I joined this neat site called Their motto is "Using computers to get people away from them," which means that it's basically a site for people to find buddies with similar interests for actually doing those similar interests. And these people are great! They kayak, read books, drink, go to film festivals, go running, try out new restaurants, etc. I've been to two events...the second was less than a smashing success...but I'm looking forward to attending more. By the way, they have groups in other cities, so if this sounds like your bag, check it out!

So, this is all to say, even though I'm not where I Hoped I Would Be Professionally (although, to be honest, I anticipated a rough road), I'm not regretting moving back here. Beginnings are always rough, especially when you've been living a pretty cushy life.

I like the promise :)
I am glad that you seem to have the right attitude. Hang in there, sooner or later you'll get a good job.
tc: hopefully I'll keep it :-)

robert: thanks!
I LOVE your positive outlook :)
you rock!
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