Sunday, August 03, 2008


journalistic responsibility

To be honest, I was very surprised (thrilled, but surprised) that they found that little girl Reigh and captured her dad. I was afraid that she was gone for good, off for a strange little life in some obscure South American town.

An article that I read yesterday said that a "concerned citizen" tipped off the police as to their whereabouts. Today, in an article on, it said,

"The Baltimore Sun reported last night that the tipster was an unnamed real estate agent who rented the apartment to Rockefeller."

I don't know if the Baltimore Sun broke that part of the story, or if they were just repeating it...but I think it's awful that some newspaper revealed that information. While it's important to have the facts on a situation, it makes me wonder if the real estate agent might be in danger now. To know that a "concerned citizen" tipped them off was good enough for me. Just from whom are we protecting the poor real estate agent? I don't know who rented the apartment to Rockefeller, but I'm sure as hell that Rockefeller remembers the guy's face. The kidnapper had money coming out of the wazoo...who knows what type of contacts he has. It seems a bit foolhardy, you know?

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