Sunday, September 28, 2008


definition time!!

I've noticed the term "navel-gazing" popping up more and more, but I'm not quite exactly sure what it means. But I do suspect that I'm guilty of it, haha.

So, a few definitions:

na·vel-gaz·ing noun Slang. excessive absorption in self-analysis or focus on a single issue.

from merriam-webster (online)
noun : useless or excessive self-contemplation

Well, that about exhausts my list of reputable online dictionary sources. But I wonder - what's the difference between introspection and navel-gazing? Is it introspection when you think about an issue, but navel-gazing when you can't stop talking about it and don't let it go?

(and yes, I'm aware that I'm flirting with the line of navel-gazing about "navel-gazing" right now...)

What a racy photo! I thought this was a G-rated blog! :)
haha - I had to deliberate long and hard about it. Even though I show more at the beach!
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