Saturday, September 06, 2008


In Brief

1) I'm starting a quilting class next Monday with my sister-in-law! I cannot wait...I'm picturing creamy whites, pale pink flowers, and pale green? Something I can wrap around myself when reading on a rainy night such as this. I can't wait to actually be artsy and craftsy for once.

2) In October I am scheduled to...take a hot air balloon ride in Maryland!! I'm going with a friend - I'm trying to not get too excited because these things are easily called off because of iffy weather...but my fingers are extremely crossed.

3) Speaking of crossing my fingers in an extreme manner...I HAVE AN INTERVIEW ON TUESDAY!! Just scoring an interview is a major ego-booster — someone noticed my resume and cover letter! It's not all for naught! I know that what will happen will be for the best, but obviously I am hoping for Fireworks. We'll see...

Things are looking up!

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