Monday, September 15, 2008


the seven things I hate about you

In order to be fair and balanced here, I'm going to present one sucky thing about being "underemployed" and one nice thing. (But really, know that I kind of don't want to be fair and balanced at this moment because I'm hating the job boards. How is it possible that not one soul has posted a writing/editing job on craigslist yet today?)

I feel like I don't deserve the weekends. People are so excited for Friday (TGIF!) and Saturday, but when Friday at 5 p.m. rolls around, I haven't worked since Wednesday. I love the feel of the well-deserved weekend, and I hate that I don't have that. And try to not be jealous. A periodic vacation is nice, but I don't know one person who would prefer to sit on their ass all the time and not know when they'll be working 5 days a week again. It's always nice to know when your vacation is going to end, you know? Job-searching is work that you don't get paid for (which is why I'm going to buy myself a nice present when I do eventually get a job).

I'm visiting DC for HoCo. Back when I booked my tickets, I (foolishly? optimistically?) believed that I'd have a job by early October, so I decided to leave on Friday. Last night I changed my ticket so that I jet in on Thursday, thereby giving me 24 extra hours in the city of friends and fun. Yay!

I guess the complaint and benefit both revolve around free time. In the first, I bemoan the fact that I have too much of it. In the second, I'm thankful for the surplus. Geez Louise!

Considering your blog is my second 5 minute "sanity" break of the day today, I'm jealous.

I have 18 unread work-related emails that have to be taken care of before the end of the day. Two more proofs/to press jobs that have to be done before the end of the day. Oh yeah, and seven things that need to be written... that aren't going to get done unless I stay til midnight. And since OTH is on tonight, I refuse. Have fun in DC :)
TC: that's kinda like telling a dying man in the desert that your back is hurting from carrying 10 gallons of water around all day...
Haha. Touche. :)

(Though really, I could toss your argument back at ya...)
haha I know you could :-)
Megs in DC for hoco? My life just got better.

Why dont you just pack a few bags...I'm sure there are editing jobs in DC. It'll be just like old times.
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