Saturday, September 27, 2008


tempting fate, probably.

Seamus is erratic...sometimes he's good, sometimes he's a pest. Two weeks ago I was taking him for a walk, and things were going well. I suppose I got cocky, because I think I was holding something in my right hand, and I was barely holding onto the leash in my left. He saw a particularly appealing puddle or something and tried to take off, and I GUESS the leash was wrapped around the top of my left ring finger, because the top third of the finger been pained ever since. Well, it feels fine now, just a little sensitive.

(good thing nothing important is on that finger. zing!)

It's been very interesting observing when and why I use that finger, or more specifically, that part of my finger. As far as I can tell, there are very limited circumstances.

1) Writing. Luckily I don't put much pen to paper these days.
2) Turning on the blinker in the car. Particularly when turning right.
3) Washing my hair. Apparently that's a very important function for that little piece of that finger, because that's when I noticed the pain (okay, perhaps "discomfort" is more appropriate) the most.

This has been very instructional and I'm sort of thankful for the leash-pulling event. In a way I almost look forward to slightly injuring other non-essential parts of my body, just to see when I use them the most and in what way.

Key words there, of course, are "slightly" and "non-essential." I have zero interest or inclination in learning just exactly how often I use my legs...or arms...or back....or throat...or derrière...

I love that you used the word "derrière" in a post...
I thought of you when I went the extra mile for the accent :-)
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