Monday, October 06, 2008



I got a job! One that I'm very excited about!

My first day is next week...that leaves one week of fun (and homecoming festivities) to celebrate!

Congrats! Now tell...


Where've you been lately, btw?!?!

And I'm bummed that I'm missing homecoming: JC tells me it's quite the event :) At present, I'm crossing my fingers that I get a bonus at work again this year, because if I do... there is a DC in the spring trip in my future :) (My friend Amy is gonna kill me otherwise...)
Robert: details pending!

TC: me. STAT! I made a boo-boo.

Also, eep, Meg, when is your book coming out, hm? And if you're all like, "I haven't written a book, Jason", I'm just going to be like, "Okay, well, time to get started!"
Congrats to whoever hired you! They're lucky to have your expertise with them!
AHEM. I need homecoming details, por favor :)

Jason!! Crazy that you commented - I thought of you today. There was a picture of Halle Berry, I think, in Us Weekly and she had YOUR name written on her shirt. That Jason had the sad distinction of being dead and she was honoring him on her shirt...but it was nice to think of you. And no book. Suffering from lack of confidence, per usual. But I think I'm going to take NaNoWriMo to put one together.

Thanks, Cam. :-)

TC: You will get some. You're going to be aghast.
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