Sunday, October 26, 2008


"You're my constant!"

Back in August I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. They came out tasty, but really flat and thin. A couple of weeks later my mom took out the baking soda and realized that it had expired in February 2007. That explained my cookies, I think. She bought new baking soda, and this carton won't expire until 2013.

While I was unpacking the groceries, I had this movie-like vision of the baking soda sitting on the counter, and our lives swirling around it. Changing seasons, people moving back and forth, dashes of color, etc. etc. I know this is heavy anthropomorphizing, but it's neat to think about all the changes in our lives that the baking soda will witness.

I caught myself thinking the same about my shampoo. Last week I bought a 33.8-ounce bottle of my shampoo – it felt weird to buy such a huge bottle, but I've embraced this shampoo as my one of choice, so why beat around the bush? – and it's a bit of a comfort? an amusement? to think that in a year from now, I'll be using the same bottle.

Now, if I start attaching these feelings to all of my physical possessions, I'm going to get concerned. But a little fanciful thinking never hurt anyone, I think.

I found that interesting to think about, almost in an Einstein's Dreams sort of way.

On an episode of the Simpsons, Homer eats a box of baking soda that "came with the house" and experiences every meal that ever came from that fridge, haha.
I love the last line. That sums it up.
You know, I just had the same problem! I made oatmeal bread with baking soda I bought in 2002. I'm guessing that's why it turned into a solid, moist, heavy, mass! Still tastes ok, though :)
Does the title of this blog have anything to do with "Lost?" :wink:
bub: you have that book? I think it's time for my annual refresher.

tc: thanks! although perhaps I engage in a bit too much fanciful thinking.

margaret: oh! so even when we're apart, we make bad cooking choices like we're together. And "solid, moist, heavy"? Ew!

robert: hurray!!! I couldn't remember desmond's name as of...a second ago. funny how things work.
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