Saturday, December 27, 2008


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For a good six months I was on a solid gym streak. Unfortunately, that streak ended about 6 months ago. When I moved home, I was quite adept at finding any excuse for not working out. It was too hot, I was too tired, I missed my old gym, I "forgot," I "didn't want to," "What's the point of running if you don't get to run by the Supreme Court and the Capitol??," etc.

When I started my new job in October, a part of the health benefits package is a discount to the gym that's five steps from the work door. Just my style.

However, the excuses continued - the main one this time being that I used to go to the gym before work, and now I'm "at the mercy" of my parents' schedules, since one of them drives me to the T every morning. Of course, I could, you know, get up early and take the bus to the train, or even just get going a bit earlier, and work it out with my boss that I'll come in a little bit after nine.

Speaking of, that's a great idea and what I might do, now that I'm once again kick-starting the transformation to "Miss Gym." C-note and I are starting the year off on a strong symbolic foot by running a race at midnight in Central Park on New Year's Eve, and I'm using that as the motivation for yet again turning over the ole' lazy leaf.

My favorite part of the gym fascination is all the gear! I got the Nike+ ipod attachment and Nike sneaks for Christmas, so now I can track my progress (and you probably can too, actually...) on I bought my very first pair of cold weather Under Armour pants today (aww), along with a ridiculously expensive Nike top/jacket that will hopefully inspire me to run so that it's not money directly down the drain. I also downloaded a Serena Williams workout CD, AND bought a runner's journal.

So you might say that I'm good to go. Henceforth (as in, starting tomorrow), getting a workout in will be a priority. I can't believe that I could run five miles fairly easily back in May and now I'm a blob of pudding and a jog down the street is mind-boggling. When I reached five miles last time I was all, "Oh, it's nothing...." - mentally comparing it to my friends doing marathons, half-marathons, etc. WTF was I thinking? Once I get back to that, I will appreciate all the hard work that went into that effort.

C-note, I can't WAIT for NYE!!!

(Never thought I'd say that... it's taken a race (?!) for me to look forward to this usually horrendous holiday that I pretty much dread every year.)

Meg, about your comment on the Capitol: I grew up in DC and used to play on the lawn of the Capitol and ride my bike (and probably ran) up and down the Hill. I brought a laser tag set (it was a gift) into one of the office buildings that there's a tunnel connecting it to the Capitol. It seriously looked like two machine guns and two bullet proof vests on the security monitor. They made me unwrap part of the present but they didn't open the box. It's sad how much the world has changed.
You're the best kind of freak Meg :-D
Robert: Yeah! Remember the nutjob with the ax and bow last year? I bet laser tag in the Capitol was amazing.

TC: I will choose to take that as a compliment!
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