Monday, December 29, 2008


high failure potential!

My license expires Friday (which, not so coincidentally, is my birthday!) - and scoring a decent picture has become top priority.

My first picture was an unmitigated disaster: The whole thumbnail had an air of jaundice about it, and... I had braces - which was bad enough - but something weird happened with the camera, and the light didn't reflect properly, so it looked like I had ONE brace on my front tooth, and nothing on the other.

The second picture, taken five years later on my 21st birthday, was better. My smile is pretty good, my eyes look okay (they're open, at least). I'm wearing a v-neck top that's a pinkish red. One drawback is that my hair looks awfully flat. And my face is kinda featureless. And I'm extremely pale, a hazard of being born mid-winter.

Looking at a friend's license photo, I was jealous of her sun-kissed glow. And the wheels started turning... why can't I have that?

So, I plan on getting a spray tan before renewing... one of two things will happen:

1) It will be ridiculously awesome and I'll keep this picture for the max 10 years and show it off all the time and everyone will admire my cleverness and creativity (and tan).
2) It will be ridiculously ridiculous, and it will make me laugh every time I look at it.

Sounds like a Win-Win!


I read your two options to my best friend... we both laughed and laughed :)

You'll be laughing for 10 years.
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