Sunday, December 05, 2010


Another McDonald's story (I swear I don't go there too frequently)

So... it's been a while. But let's pretend that it hasn't.

Right now I'm watching Sex and the City (the movie) at our new house, drinking a Harpoon Winter Warmer, and fiance is in the kitchen frying chicken.* Can life get any better??

(well... you know me... so I'll say yes... but it's pretty damn good!)

Just wanted to share a heartwarming event that I witnessed at McDonald's last week. Yes, McDonald's. The one in South Station, to be exact. So I was in line, finally at the front, and a very homeless-looking man comes staggering up to the counter, holding an order of fries. He says to the man behind the counter (while sort of slurring his words) something along the lines of, "You know... you would think that when I order a large fry, I'll GET a large fry!" I looked at the fries and thought that he was missing one, MAYBE two fries to make this thing completely full. But the guy at the counter said, with a huge smile, "You're absolutely right, sir! Let me fill that up for you." And he did! And then the homeless-looking guy thanked him, and the guy behind the counter said, "It's our job to make you smile!"

The guy walked away with a very full serving of fries, and I stepped up to order my Southern Style Chicken Meal. All was right in the world.

McDonald's is this HUGE global conglomerate who apparently cheats their millions of hourly workers out of fair health insurance... but I gotta say... I was very impressed with the company at that moment. And more specifically, that employee.

Well, my fried chicken prepared by my personal chef is finished, so I gotta get to eating. But just wanted to say that McDonald's put a smile on my face (even before my heart-busting meal).

(* okay, that originally said "kitchen frying kitchen)


So glad to see you!

Life sounds about perfect for you :)
Blogging is all the rage as a New Year's Resolution!
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