Thursday, January 27, 2011


Brides, stop making me look bad!!

This article is on today.

Stick a fork in it: Why do so many brides register for the same items their mothers did?

All the brides in this article sound SO wasteful. Fiance and I are in the process of registering (and yes, it is a process), and we deliberate over each piece before we scan. Yes, we are registering for some entertaining items that we won't use every day, but we're not registering for "every day" items that we won't use all the time. I'm lucky that fiance is an amazing cook - he has been for years - so we're not "hoping" someone will change their cooking habits post-wedding.

I don't know, I'm just annoyed that the reporter didn't talk to people who are registering for things they'll use. Or talk to people who live in a house and won't be putting their gifts at their parents' houses.

Anyway. It's looking like today is not a snow day, so I better get rolling.

One more thing to add... so it's been snowy and cold and miserable here, so I've been bundling up - wearing my puffy coat, my mom's brown mittens, a red plaid scarf of my dad's, and a green pom pom hat Tansy bought me in high school. Monday, as I was putting on my gear in my building lobby, the friendly security guard goes, "Yes! Bundle up... who cares about fashion!!"

Um... ok. Guess I don't? Crap. Time to register for a new set of hat and gloves. :-(

Awww, I bet you looked cute :)

I've always said that by the time I get married (IF I get married), I'll have most of the "stuff" people register for.

So if you figure out a nice way to just ask for cash, lemme know.

PS: When do I see my invite for the big day?!?! ;-) must be lost in the mail.... ;-)
this blog post is worthless without pictures
Seeing as how we're getting storm after storm, you might just get that picture, Robert!
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