Thursday, February 03, 2011



Ugh. Tomorrow I'm doing something that I've been putting off for, oh, about three years: seeing the dentist. I haven't been since I lived in DC, and that's more than two years ago. (And I think it had been two years before that appointment...)

My aversion to dentists appointments verges on a phobia, I think. I KNOW I should go, but I can't bring myself to make an appointment. True story, my mom had to book this one for me. I lie in the chair, tense and miserable as they chip away at my gums and inevitably find cavity after cavity.

I hate the chair with the stupid light, I hate the stupid sink that you spit in with the stupid faucet, I hate the sound and the SMELL of the evil drill. And don't get me started on the novacain.

Who knows what they'll find tomorrow. I'm hoping for a miracle here people. My appointment is at 8:45 am. Pray for me!

awwww, raspberries.
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