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I know that all (three) of you, as you go about your day, have one lingering unanswered question in your hearts: what are Meg's favorite health and beauty care products??

Well, wonder no more. For some reason I've been feeling compelled to share my favorite products on this blog. Read on to find out the Meggies of 2011!

My sensitive skin is super super dry in the winter. I tried body lotion after lotion, but each one left me scratching and itching and drawing blood by mid-day. Each one, that is, until Curel's Itch Defense came into my life. I lather this stuff after my shower, and I'm itch-free until the next morning. If you have sensitive itchy skin... this is a life-saver.

I've also been on a big Lancome kick since December. A few weeks ago I bought enough to qualify for their free gift at Macy's, which came with their Nutrix Royal body lotion. It smells AMAZING. I put it on my upper body in the morning and I'm seriously smelling my arms all day. It's the free gift that keeps on giving!

For face moisturizer, I've been using Lancome's facial moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. Like all of their other products, it also smells great (though I can't smell my face all day...). For years I used Purpose's moisturizer - it was recommended by my dermatologist after my accutane stint - and it served me well for almost a decade. If you have sensitive, dry facial skin, I definitely recommend it. It's a very light formula that does the job! (You can get this little guy at CVS/Rite-Aid, etc.)

Wrapping up the skin care regimen, I've been using Lancome facial cleanser for sensitive/dry skin and Lancome Toner for sensitive/dry skin. I had never used toner before (who needs it??), but I think it's been working well for me. Though I don't often get zits anymore (thanks, accutane!!), I haven't gotten any since I've been using it (began post-Christmas). It's pretty shocking how much dirt the toner takes away after I've washed my face, so that's a plus...I guess.

I am a huge fan of Lancome's (yeah, yeah I know) Eye Makeup Remover. The other removers I've used have left a greasy film AND all of my eye makeup on my face. WTF. This stuff actually...hold onto your seat... removes my eyeliner and mascara!

Another shocking revelation is Victoria's Secret's eyeshadow. My mom bought me the VS Supermodel Makeup Kit - it has a bunch of eyeshadows, a blush, and various other little guys. The shocker is... the eye shadow actually lasts ALL DAY. The first time I rubbed my eyes at 5pm and there was shadow on my fingers, I was blown away.

Okay. Time to wrap this up. My favorite mascara is CoverGirl Lash Blast. No clumps. Long lasting. No complaints!

I'd like the last two minutes of my life back please.
You'll thank me when you're old like me and your skin is dry and you don't know where to turn!
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