Wednesday, June 12, 2019


So, it's 2019. How are you?

After so many fits and starts - do I dare? Do I dare pretend to start this little blog again? I presume I've lost all followers except my main man (well, my main man AND my only man), which is ok with me. LOL. I like to pretend the Internet is anonymous...

My last post was in 2011. HA. HA. HA. My God, how I have changed.

Or have I? Can trauma change a person? CAN people actually change? (A great podcast that explores this issue is Ologies, "Personality Psychology" Feb 19 episode.) Also a fun read is What Alice Forgot. A friend and I read this and wondered if our 2008 selves would recognize our 2019 selves...

Also, sometimes, when I'm folding laundry or staring into space, I'll randomly think of this blog and CRINGE. HARD-FREAKING CORE. I remember the 10 or so awkward awkward posts and I want to sink into the Earth. I've wanted to delete it, but haven't. Because I'm a narcissist, perhaps. Or perhaps because I have a crappy memory and need this blog to remember my life from 2005-2008 or so. Whenever I stopped.

Anyhow. If anyone is out there - how are you?

PS I am still in touch with my Beloved C-note and my dear E. So some things do stay the same - or improve...

I'm taking a course now, so clearly I'll be procrastinating. So I'll be back. Possibly in 2027 (seeing as how it was 8 years from my last post). But I'll be back. But TBH, there's only so many blogs and gmail addresses that a girl (woman? eeek) can pretend to want to keep up with.
("Any idiot can take a nice picture of a sunset" - my senior year photography professor whose name I have long forgotten)

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