Thursday, April 13, 2006


another thing about manners! *sigh*

A column from Scot Lehigh (of the Boston Globe) on rampant incivility:

Let's talk about incivility - please

my favorite part:

"Walking home on another recent day, I saw a car with a note stuck under a wiper.

I'm always interested in communications that pass that way, so I unfolded the paper, to read this neighborly sentiment: ''If you ever take up two spaces again, I'll destroy your car.''

And for the record, the note I wrote in the summer had "love" in it. Although it probably bordered on inappropriate. Or insane.

Question: did I unwittingly jump on the stick-in-the-mud bandwagon, or was I just ahead of this politeness craze? Trendwhore...or trendsetter?

You need to shut the fuck up, meghan.
*long comment*

my goodness christopher, some harsh language! :-P
anyways, so a couple days ago I was pulling out of a side street that happened to be right in a curve in the main road, so everyone pulls about a foot past the stop line to see if it's safe to go or not. well. I was stopped waiting for a car to go by (and he had plenty of room I might add, I wasnt even at the end of the sidewalk yet) and the guy leans on his horn, STOPS in the middle of the main road and the conversation is as follows:
him: "Are you trying to cause an accident or something????????"
me: "uh excuse me?" (thoroughly confused)
"Youre STOPPED in the middle of the ROAD! youre HOLDING UP TRAFFIC!!!"
"You're the one stopped in the middle of a main road buddy"

uh... what? meanwhile people behind him are honking (and hes behind a curve so anyone could have come around the corner and hit him) so I yelled "MOOOOOOVE!!" which he got pissed at and yelled at me for, so I yelled "GOOOOOOOO!" and he finally went. needless to say, I was flabbergasted that someone needed to stop in the middle of the road to yell at me for stopping a foot past the stop line, putting himself and others at risk as well.
Chris - ARE YOU DRUNK?!?!?

okay, so I just realized that you said that to make a point.

but I'm still kinda pissed.

tans: I love how you have smart, rational comebacks, such as "you're the one stopped in the middle of a main road buddy." I'd just stammer and blush and say "I hate you, you, you, you jerk!"

thanks for the long comment :-)
Meghan, my comment is only offensive if you let it be offensive.
haha shut up...and I know who anon is, i'll tell you WHEN I SEE YOU TOMORROW!!! HOLLA! <3
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