Sunday, July 09, 2006


"move your fingers away from the fire"

The article “Confessions of a Worrywart” really struck me. For too long, I’ve been The Cautious One, always thinking of the worst case scenario. And I’m pretty sure it’s hereditary, because today, when I was talking to my mom, I mentioned that we’ve been borrowing the internet for the past couple of weeks (thanks, “Sydney”!), because Verizon has been thoroughly incompetent. I told her that as a show of gratitude, I think that we should keep our connection non-password protected (if and when we get it). My mom replied, “Well, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. What if terrorist activity is traced back to you.” What? What?!

So, Friday night, after E and I left the Journey concert early, and we walked by a few guys in the parking lot, and one put his arms up for a high-five, I high-fived him back. And when he put his arm around me, instead of throwing him off, I molded to his side, and walked along, laughing at the moment. And when he stopped, faced me, and leaned in to kiss me, I didn’t jump and shimmy out of his grasp.

I kissed back.


That's a surefire way to catch an STD...tisk tisk!
I'm not sure if I buy that...especially since my mom never calls me "honey"!
Haha, good for you :-)
mmm... kissage.
jason: thanks! of course, this started off a whole new chain of worry, primarily revolving around the question of "am I becoming a kissing bandit/slut?" but I'm learning to let it flow. I think.

i-66: I know. wonderful!
I'm proud of you...way to live in the moment! If you can't kiss cute boys in your twenties, then when will you do it?

On another note, I totally thought that your mom really had posted up there and got all nervous for you, haha.
CP: CARPE VIR! gave me a start too. But that's not my mom's style at all.

It would be more like "MEGHAN! WHAT IF HE HAD A KNIFE?!"
wait... did you know this guy? or was he just a random kid in the parking lot? was it a makeout???
tans: no. yes. sorta. Too brief to be called "a makeout."

Sorry...couldn't resist. I had several much more X-rated comments to make, but I actually showed some restraint for once. Amazing, isn't it?
JC: you were definitely in the running for the position of "mommy" - and I just talked to caitlin via IM, and she said "WHAT IF HE HAS HERPES?!"


my mom does have the link to this blog, though. I'm tempted to tell her about it, just to see her reaction.
I hardly think a kiss is enough to turn one into a random kissing slut. Yep. Pretty sure on this one, here. Haha, owing to my vast experience, of course :-P
I agree with CP. And I feel like this an incomplete story, especially in the world of 1,000 word blog entries. Will you see this character again?
hahahah I was totally kidding with the herpes comment!! I was just going with the "lets pretend to be your mom" flow of the comments from this post. Sorry my full attention wasnt with you and your story but I was busy being hung up on by the Sirius bastards. anyways. I'm proud of you! keep it up! haha :-P
rem: um....I don't expect to!

tans: I hope you and Sirius got it figured out - as in, I hope they stopped being difficult and gave you a new radio!
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