Monday, July 09, 2007

So today I headed over to Cosi to get lunch: my fav sandwich,  a Snapple, that little bag of free carrots, and I was intending on picking up a blondie.

When I got to the register, they informed me that they were only taking cash.  What?!  I thought I had $5 in my wallet - not enough to cover my sandwich, even - and when I checked, I actually didn't even have that...only $3.

I told the cashier, and said that I could run to the ATM, if the powers-that-be wanted me to.  She said "nah" and did the "go away, it's no problem" hand flip.  I gave her the $3 and skedaddled.

Isn't that amazing?

While I am impressed, and love it when that happens, it's not her money.
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